The House of Representatives, Japan

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Message from the Speaker

The Speaker Welcome to the website of the Japanese House of Representatives.

The Constitution stipulates that the National Diet of Japan is the ghighest organ of state powerh and the gsole law-making organ of the Stateh.

Together with the House of Councillors, the House of Representatives forms the National Diet and fills an important role which is directly linked to the lives of the people; it makes laws, designates the Prime Minister, passes the fiscal budget submitted by the Government (Cabinet), and approves treaties.

It also discusses a wide range of matters from basic national policies and issues faced by the international community to those with which the people feel more familiar, namely, matters related to their daily life. Based on its right to investigate matters related to government, it scrutinizes the conduct of the administration; it also considers petitions the House receives from the people.

To guide Japan responsibly in the right direction through earnest political debate, we, the Members of the House elected by the people, are striving to make the Diet gopenh and geasy to understandh.

Our website provides such information as the House structure and the deliberations of Plenary Sittings and Committee Meetings. I hope that not only the people of Japan but also those who are abroad will take a look at our website to further deepen your understanding of the National Diet of Japan and your interest in it.

Sign of the Speaker

Tadamori Oshima
House of Representatives

The House of Representatives
1-7-1 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0014, Japan


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