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29 August 2017

Remarks by Mr. Tadamori Oshima
Speaker of the House of Representatives, Japan

Early this morning, North Korea launched a ballistic missile that flew over Japan and landed in the Pacific Ocean. We fully share the awareness of the Government of Japan as expressed in the statement that the launch of this ballistic missile gposes an unprecedented grave and serious threat.h

North Korea has repeatedly launched ballistic missiles, which in combination with the five nuclear tests that it has conducted clearly challenge the peace and security of Japan and this entire region, as well as the whole of the international community. This situation is completely unacceptable to us.

Japan and the international community have protested the actions of North Korea through a number of United Nations Security Council resolutions and strongly demanded compliance with these resolutions. As the representative of the people of Japan, the House of Representatives has strongly protested the actions of North Korea and has adopted resolutions firmly demanding the immediate and complete abandonment of both its nuclear weapons and its missile development program. We once again strongly demand that North Korea restrain itself.

Recent actions taken by North Korea have served to underscore the accuracy of Japanfs perception that the North Korean threat has reached ga new level of threat.h We strongly urge the Government of Japan to maintain this strict stance while reinforcing its appeals made in the UN Security Council as well as those to the United States, South Korea, China, Russia, and other major countries. We also call on the Government of Japan to take every possible measure to ensure the safety of the Japanese people.

We highly respect Prime Minister Shinzo Abefs statement that the Government of Japan maintained a full and complete grasp of the path of the missile from immediately after its firing and has taken all possible measures to protect the lives of the Japanese people, which together with the rapid issuance of warning information through the J-Alert system brought relief and peace of mind to the people. We earnestly hope that continuous efforts will be made to strengthen the defense of Japanfs territory and its people.

To promote the exchange of information and to develop a shared awareness with the Cabinet, we have called on all relevant parties in the House of Representatives to engage in continuous committee deliberations while the Diet is not in session.

The House of Representatives
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