The House of Representatives, Japan

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Topic List 2017

May 19, 2017 President of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies visits Speaker Oshima
May 18, 2017 Egyptian Speaker visits Speaker Oshima
May 16, 2017 President of the Moroccan House of Councillors visits Speaker Oshima
April 21, 2017 President of the Philippine Senate visits Speaker Oshima
April 11, 2017 Speaker's condolence message to the Speaker of the Egyptian House of Representatives
March 28, 2017 Chairman of the Mongolian State Great Hural visits Speaker Oshima
March 27, 2017 Swiss National Council Members visit Speaker Oshima
March 27, 2017 Speaker's condolence message to the Speaker of the UK House of Commons
March 14, 2017 Chairman of the Omani Shura Council visits Speaker Oshima
March 2, 2017 Ukrainian Chairperson visits Speaker Oshima
February 27, 2017 President of the Belgian House of Representatives visits Speaker Oshima
January 30, 2017 President of the Armenian National Assembly visits Speaker Oshima
January 23, 2017 Canadian Parliament Members visit the House
January 20, 2017 Prime Minister S. Abe's address on general policy
January 20, 2017 The Opening Ceremony of the 193rd Diet

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♦ Resolution of the Special Committee on North Korean
Abductions and Other Issues (December 5, 2007)

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The House of Representatives
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