Strength of the In-House Groups in the House of Representatives

(as of May 30, 2019)

Liberal Democratic Party 283 (22)
The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan 68 (15)
Democratic Party For the People 40 (2)
Komeito 29 (4)
Japanese Communist Party 12 (3)
Nippon Ishin (Japan Innovation Party) 11 (1)
The Reviewing Group on Social Security Policy 8 (0)
Social Democratic Party 2 (0)
The Party of Hope 2 (0)
Future Japan 2 (0)
Independents 8 (0)
Vacancies 0  

Note: Figures in parentheses show the number of women members.

In-House Group: A group of House Members who engage in joint activities within the House. Usually, a political party forms an in-House group inside the House, but occasionally there are cases where a group is formed by (1) House Members who do not belong to a particular political party, (2) a political party and a House Member or Members who do not belong to any political party, or (3) two or more political parties.

The House of Representatives
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