The House of Representatives, Japan

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Name In-House Group Constituency/Area
Mr. ABE Shinzo LDP Yamaguchi 4th District
Ms. ABE Tomoko CDP Kanagawa 12th District
Ms. ABE Toshiko LDP Okayama 3rd District
Mr. ADACHI Yasushi JIP Kinki Bloc
Mr. AISAWA Ichiro LDP Okayama 1st District
Mr. AKABA Kazuyoshi KM Hyogo 2nd District
Mr. AKAMA Jiro LDP Kanagawa 14th District
Mr. AKAMATSU Hirotaka Ind Aichi 5th District
Mr. AKAMINE Seiken JCP Okinawa 1st District
Mr. AKAZAWA Ryosei LDP Tottori 2nd District
Mr. AKIBA Kenya LDP Miyagi 2nd District
Mr. AKIMOTO Masatoshi LDP Chiba 9th District
Mr. AKIMOTO Tsukasa LDP Tokyo 15th District
Mr. AKUTSU Yukihiko CDP Tohoku Bloc
Mr. AMARI Akira LDP Kanagawa 13th District
Mr. ANAMI Yoichi LDP Oita 1st District
Mr. ANDO Hiroshi LDP Kyoto 6th District
Mr. ANDO Takao LDP Tokyo Bloc
Mr. AOYAGI Yoichiro CDP Kanagawa 6th District
Mr. AOYAMA Masayuki Ind Tokai Bloc
Mr. AOYAMA Yamato* Kita Kanto Bloc
Mr. ARAI Satoshi CDP Hokkaido 3rd District
Mr. ASANO Satoshi* Kita Kanto Bloc
Mr. ASO Taro LDP Fukuoka 8th District
Mr. AZUMI Jun GI Miyagi 5th District

* No abbreviation
List of the In-House Groups in the House

In principle, House Members' names are spelled with the Hepburn system.
District: Single-seat constituency
Bloc: Proportional representation area

In-House Group: A group of House Members who engage in joint activities within the House. Usually, a political party forms an in-House group inside the House, but occasionally there are cases where a group is formed by (1) House Members who do not belong to a particular political party, (2) a political party and a House Member or Members who do not belong to any political party, or (3) two or more political parties.

The House of Representatives
1-7-1 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0014, Japan


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