The House of Representatives, Japan

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Photo Name In-House Group Constituency/Area
Mr. YAGAMI MasayoshiMr. YAGAMI MasayoshiCDPKyushu Bloc
Mr. YAGI TetsuyaMr. YAGI TetsuyaLDPTokai Bloc
Mr. YAMADA KenjiMr. YAMADA KenjiLDPHyogo 7th District
Ms. YAMADA MikiMs. YAMADA MikiLDPTokyo Bloc
Mr. YAMAGIWA DaishiroMr. YAMAGIWA DaishiroLDPKanagawa 18th District
Mr. YAMAGUCHI ShunichiMr. YAMAGUCHI ShunichiLDPTokushima 2nd District
Mr. YAMAGUCHI TaimeiMr. YAMAGUCHI TaimeiLDPSaitama 10th District
Mr. YAMAGUCHI TsuyoshiMr. YAMAGUCHI TsuyoshiLDPHyogo 12th District
Ms. YAMAKAWA YurikoMs. YAMAKAWA YurikoCDPKita Kanto Bloc
Mr. YAMAMOTO KoichiMr. YAMAMOTO KoichiLDPEhime 4th District
Mr. YAMAMOTO KozoMr. YAMAMOTO KozoLDPFukuoka 10th District
Mr. YAMAMOTO TakuMr. YAMAMOTO TakuLDPHokuriku-Shinetsu Bloc
Mr. YAMAMOTO TomohiroMr. YAMAMOTO TomohiroLDPMinami Kanto Bloc
Ms. YAMAMOTO WakakoMs. YAMAMOTO WakakoCDPHokuriku-Shinetsu Bloc
Mr. YAMANOI KazunoriMr. YAMANOI KazunoriDPFPKinki Bloc
Ms. YAMAO ShioriMs. YAMAO ShioriCDPAichi 7th District
Mr. YAMAOKA TatsumaruMr. YAMAOKA TatsumaruDPFPHokkaido Bloc
Mr. YAMASHITA TakashiMr. YAMASHITA TakashiLDPOkayama 2nd District
Mr. YAMAUCHI KoichiMr. YAMAUCHI KoichiCDPKyushu Bloc
Mr. YAMAZAKI MakotoMr. YAMAZAKI MakotoCDPTohoku Bloc
Mr. YANA KazuoMr. YANA KazuoLDPTochigi 3rd District
Mr. YOKOMITSU KatsuhikoMr. YOKOMITSU KatsuhikoCDPKyushu Bloc
Mr. YOSHIDA TsunehikoMr. YOSHIDA TsunehikoCDPTokai Bloc
Mr. YOSHIIE HiroyukiMr. YOSHIIE HiroyukiLDPKanagawa 16th District
Mr. YOSHIKAWA HajimeMr. YOSHIKAWA HajimeSDPKyushu Bloc
Mr. YOSHIKAWA TakamoriMr. YOSHIKAWA TakamoriLDPHokkaido 2nd District
Mr. YOSHINO MasayoshiMr. YOSHINO MasayoshiLDPFukushima 5th District
Mr. YUNOKI MichiyoshiMr. YUNOKI MichiyoshiIndChugoku Bloc

* No abbreviation
List of the In-House Groups in the House

In principle, House Members' names are spelled with the Hepburn system.
District: Single-seat constituency
Bloc: Proportional representation area

In-House Group: A group of House Members who engage in joint activities within the House. Usually, a political party forms an in-House group inside the House, but occasionally there are cases where a group is formed by (1) House Members who do not belong to a particular political party, (2) a political party and a House Member or Members who do not belong to any political party, or (3) two or more political parties.

The House of Representatives
1-7-1 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0014, Japan


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