Members' List

Commission on the Constitution

(As of  May 16 2019 )

Note: Members' names are given in the 'family name-given name' order without honorifics,
using the Hepburn system.

MORI Eisuke (Liberal Democratic Party), Chairman

ETO Akinori (Liberal Democratic Party), Director

KIHARA Minoru (Liberal Democratic Party), Director

KOBAYASHI Takayuki (Liberal Democratic Party), Director

SHINDO Yoshitaka (Liberal Democratic Party), Director

TANAHASHI Yasufumi (Liberal Democratic Party), Director

HIRASAWA Katsuei (Liberal Democratic Party), Director

YAMAHANA Ikuo (The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan), Director

OKUNO Soichiro (Democratic Party For the People), Director

KITAGAWA Kazuo (Komeito), Director

ITO Tatsuya (Liberal Democratic Party)

ISHIBA Shigeru (Liberal Democratic Party)

INADA Tomomi (Liberal Democratic Party)

ETO Seishiro (Liberal Democratic Party)

OCHI Takao (Liberal Democratic Party)

OGUSHI Masaki (Liberal Democratic Party)

OTSUKA Taku (Liberal Democratic Party)

ONIKI Makoto (Liberal Democratic Party)

KAMIKAWA Yoko (Liberal Democratic Party)

KIKAWADA Hitoshi (Liberal Democratic Party)

GOTODA Masazumi (Liberal Democratic Party)

TADOKORO Yoshinori (Liberal Democratic Party)

NAKATANI Gen (Liberal Democratic Party)

NAKAYAMA Yasuhide (Liberal Democratic Party)

NODA Takeshi (Liberal Democratic Party)

FUKUI Teru (Liberal Democratic Party)

FUNADA Hajime (Liberal Democratic Party)

MATSUMOTO Takeaki (Liberal Democratic Party)

MUTAI Shunsuke (Liberal Democratic Party)

MORIYAMA Masahito (Liberal Democratic Party)

YAMAMOTO Taku (Liberal Democratic Party)

OGAWA Junya (The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan)

KONDO Shoichi (The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan)

TSUJIMOTO Kiyomi (The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan)

NAKAGAWA Masaharu (The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan)

HONDA Hiranao (The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan)

MICHISHITA Daiki (The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan)

YAMAO Shiori (The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan)

GEMMA Kentaro (Democratic Party For the People)

HIYOSHI Yuta (Democratic Party For the People)

FURUKAWA Motohisa (Democratic Party For the People)

YATAGAWA Hajime (Democratic Party For the People)

OKAMOTO Mitsunari (Komeito)

TOYAMA Kiyohiko (Komeito)

AKAMINE Seiken (Japanese Communist Party)

BABA Nobuyuki (Nippon Ishin (Japan Innovation Party))

IDE Yosei (The Reviewing Group on Social Security Policy)

TERUYA Kantoku (Social Democratic Party)

INOUE Kazunori (The Party of Hope)

NAGASHIMA Akihisa (Future Japan)