US House Speaker visits Speaker Hosoda

On Friday, 5 August, Hon. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of America, visited the House of Representatives with her delegation, where they observed the eulogy for former Prime Minister Abe at the Plenary Sitting, and then met at the Speaker's Official Residence with Mr. HOSODA Hiroyuki, Speaker of the House; Mr. KAIEDA Banri, Vice-Speaker; Mr. YAMAGUCHI Shunichi, Chair of the Standing Committee on Rules and Administration; Mr. MORIYAMA Masahito, Mr. AOYAGI Yoichiro, Mr. ENDO Takashi, and Mr. HAMACHI Masakazu, Directors of the Committee; and Mr. NAKASONE Hirofumi, Chairman of the Japan-U.S. Parliamentary Friendship League and some other members of the league.

Speaker Hosoda began by welcoming Speaker Pelosi to Japan. He then conveyed his gratitude to her for her observing the eulogy for Mr. Abe and for the condolences she and many of her fellow parliamentarians had expressed. Referring to Mr. Abe's diligent efforts toward Japan-US security arrangements, cooperation in economic development, and peaceful settlement of global issues, the Speaker stressed the importance of the Japan-US alliance, based on security treaties, and expressed his hope to continue Mr. Abe's legacy by contributing to peace and development in Asia while securing consensus within the Diet.

Speaker Pelosi responded by noting the importance of Asia-Pacific region and indicating that Japan has been demonstrating leadership in the three areas of security, economics, and governance, which were the theme of her visit to Asia. She then stated that parliaments play a major role in protecting global peace, economic prosperity and respecting the dignity of the people, for which cooperation between the Japanese and US parliaments are essential, thus making this meeting vital.

The two Speakers then shared their views on how to strengthen the relationship between their countries and expressed their hope for close cooperation between the two countries, including exchange between parliamentarians and the parliaments.

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