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The National Diet

The Constitution of Japan was promulgated on November 3, 1946, and went into effect on May 3, 1947. The first session of the National Diet was convened on May 20 of that year. That session marked the birth of the National Diet, replacing the Imperial Diet which had been created in 1890 under the Meiji Constitution and served for over 56 years.

The National Diet :The Design Provided in the Constitution
Separation of Powers
Status of the National Diet
Parliamentary Cabinet System
Structure of the National Diet
Powers of the National Diet
Status of National Diet Members
Convocation and Term of Session
Opening Ceremony

Plenary Sittings
Basic Principles of Plenary Sittings
Main Business of Plenary Sittings

Petitions and Minutes

Type of Committees
Deliberation of Bills
Investigation in relation to Government
Deliberations when the Diet is not in Session

Diagram of Legislative Procedure

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The House of Representatives
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