Powers of the National Diet

Powers of the National Diet

The House of Representatives and the House of Councillors jointly exercise the powers of the National Diet through the passage of bills and measures by both Houses. The Dietfs powers include

  1. Enactment of laws,
  2. Decisions regarding the budget and other matters related to national finances,
  3. Decisions regarding approval for the conclusion of international treaties,
  4. Designation of the Prime Minister, and
  5. Initiation of amendments to the Constitution.

In the case where the House of Representatives and the House of Councillors make opposite decisions regarding a legislative bill or certain other measures, the Constitution recognizes the precedence of the House of Representatives and its collective decisions over the House of Councillors under certain conditions.

Powers of Each House

Each House independently exercises its own powers including

  1. Autonomy of each House,
  2. Election of the House presiding officer, deputy presiding officer, and standing committee chairs

    Establishment of special committees as necessary for each session

    Establishment of rules pertaining to meeting procedures and internal discipline

  3. Right to conduct investigations in relation to government,
  4. Right to accept and vote on petitions,


Power unique to each House

  1. Right of the House of Representatives to Pass a non-confidence resolution against the Cabinet
  2. Convocation of the House of Councillors in emergency session.

The House of Representatives
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