Canadian Parliament Members visit Speaker Nukaga

On Tuesday, 14 May, a delegation from the Parliament of Canada headed by the Hon. Stan Kutcher, Senator, and Mr. Terry Sheehan, M.P., Co-Chairs of the Canada-Japan Inter-Parliamentary Group, in Japan at the invitation of the House of Representatives, visited the House and met with Mr. NUKAGA Fukushiro, Speaker of the House; Mr. KAIEDA Banri, Vice-Speaker; and Mr. ETO Seishiro, President of the Japan-Canada Parliamentary Friendship League.

Speaker Nukaga began by welcoming the delegation to Japan. He then expressed his gratitude for the active exchange between the parliamentarians of Japan and Canada. Mr. Nukaga also stated that it is extremely important for the two countries, which share universal values, to work together closely amid increasing global instability.

Mr. Kutcher responded by offering his appreciation for the invitation. He also expressed his hope for the two nations to cooperate in addressing challenges they are facing. Mr. Sheehan stressed the importance of deepening bilateral trust and mutual understanding through the exchange of views at annual meetings between the two countries' parliamentary groups.

They also discussed progress in the reconstruction of areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

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