Message from the Vice-Speaker

The Vice-Speaker

I am AKAMATSU Hirotaka, Vice-Speaker of the House of Representatives of Japan.

The National Diet is the highest organ of state power and the sole law-making state organ. To deal appropriately with the issues we are facing, it is essential for all the Diet Members who have received a mandate from the public to seriously and thoroughly discuss these matters in an innovative manner, by crossing lines between the ruling and opposition parties and pooling their knowledge. I will do my best to make the Diet open, working to administrate it in accordance with constitutionalism and democracy while paying attention to the voices of the people, who are the source of sovereignty.

I hope that this website will help you further deepen your understanding of and increase your interest in the roles played by the National Diet and its activities.

Sign of the Vice-Speaker

House of Representatives

The House of Representatives
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