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Standing Committees

The House of Representatives has seventeen standing committees.

House of Representatives
Name of CommitteeNo. of Members
Internal Affairs and Communications40
Judicial Affairs35
Foreign Affairs30
Financial Affairs40
Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology40
Health, Labour and Welfare45
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries40
Economy, Trade and Industry40
Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism45
Fundamental National Policies30
Audit and Oversight of Administration40
Rules and Administration25

Special Committees

The jurisdiction and number of members of a special committee are decided by resolution of the House in question when the committee is established.

(set up in the 206th special session)
House of Representatives
Name of Committee
No. of Members
Political Ethics and Election Law 40
Okinawa and Northern Problems25
North Korean Abductions and Other Issues25
Consumer Affairs35
Promotion of Science and Technology, and Innovation35
Reconstruction after Great East Japan Earthquake45
Investigation of Nuclear Power Issues40
Regional Revitalization40

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