Photo Name In-House Group Constituency/Area
Mr. IBAYASHI Tatsunori's photoMr. IBAYASHI TatsunoriLDPShizuoka 2nd District
Mr. IBUKI Bummei's photoMr. IBUKI BummeiLDPKyoto 1st District
Mr. IDE Yosei's photoMr. IDE YoseiLDPNagano 3rd District
Ms. IKEDA Maki's photoMs. IKEDA MakiCDPHokkaido Bloc
Mr. IKEDA Michitaka's photoMr. IKEDA MichitakaLDPChugoku Bloc
Mr. IKEDA Yoshitaka's photoMr. IKEDA YoshitakaLDPTokai Bloc
Mr. IMAEDA Soichiro's photoMr. IMAEDA SoichiroLDPAichi 14th District
Mr. IMAI Masato's photoMr. IMAI MasatoCDPTokai Bloc
Mr. IMAMURA Masahiro's photoMr. IMAMURA MasahiroLDPKyushu Bloc
Ms. INADA Tomomi's photoMs. INADA TomomiLDPFukui 1st District
Mr. INATOMI Shuji's photoMr. INATOMI ShujiCDPKyushu Bloc
Mr. INATSU Hisashi's photoMr. INATSU HisashiKMHokkaido 10th District
Mr. INO Toshiro's photoMr. INO ToshiroLDPGumma 2nd District
Mr. INOUE Hidetaka's photoMr. INOUE HidetakaJIPKinki Bloc
Mr. INOUE Kazunori's photoMr. INOUE KazunoriDPFPKinki Bloc
Mr. INOUE Shinji's photoMr. INOUE ShinjiLDPTokyo 25th District
Mr. INOUE Takahiro's photoMr. INOUE TakahiroLDPFukuoka 1st District
Mr. INOUE Yoshihisa's photoMr. INOUE YoshihisaKMTohoku Bloc
Mr. ISA Shinichi's photoMr. ISA ShinichiKMOsaka 6th District
Mr. ISHIBA Shigeru's photoMr. ISHIBA ShigeruLDPTottori 1st District
Mr. ISHIDA Masatoshi's photoMr. ISHIDA MasatoshiLDPWakayama 2nd District
Mr. ISHIDA Noritoshi's photoMr. ISHIDA NoritoshiKMShikoku Bloc
Mr. ISHIHARA Hirotaka's photoMr. ISHIHARA HirotakaLDPTokyo 3rd District
Mr. ISHIHARA Nobuteru's photoMr. ISHIHARA NobuteruLDPTokyo 8th District
Mr. ISHII Keiichi's photoMr. ISHII KeiichiKMKita Kanto Bloc
Mr. ISHIKAWA Akimasa's photoMr. ISHIKAWA AkimasaLDPIbaraki 5th District
Ms. ISHIKAWA Kaori's photoMs. ISHIKAWA KaoriCDPHokkaido 11th District
Mr. ISHIZAKI Toru's photoMr. ISHIZAKI ToruIndHokuriku-Shinetsu Bloc
Mr. ITO Shintaro's photoMr. ITO ShintaroLDPMiyagi 4th District
Mr. ITO Shunsuke's photoMr. ITO ShunsukeCDPTokyo Bloc
Mr. ITO Tadahiko's photoMr. ITO TadahikoLDPAichi 8th District
Mr. ITO Tatsuya's photoMr. ITO TatsuyaLDPTokyo 22nd District
Mr. ITO Wataru's photoMr. ITO WataruKMTokai Bloc
Mr. ITO Yoshitaka's photoMr. ITO YoshitakaLDPHokkaido 7th District
Mr. IWATA Kazuchika's photoMr. IWATA KazuchikaLDPKyushu Bloc
Mr. IWAYA Takeshi's photoMr. IWAYA TakeshiLDPOita 3rd District
Mr. IZUMI Kenta's photoMr. IZUMI KentaCDPKyoto 3rd District
Mr. IZUMIDA Hirohiko's photoMr. IZUMIDA HirohikoLDPNiigata 5th District

List of the In-House Groups in the House

In principle, House Members' names are spelled with the Hepburn system.
District: Single-seat constituency
Bloc: Proportional representation area

In-House Group: A group of House Members who engage in joint activities within the House. Usually, a political party forms an in-House group inside the House, but occasionally there are cases where a group is formed by (1) House Members who do not belong to a particular political party, (2) a political party and a House Member or Members who do not belong to any political party, or (3) two or more political parties.

The House of Representatives
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