Photo Name In-House Group Constituency/Area
Mr. KADO Hirofumi's photoMr. KADO HirofumiLDPKinki Bloc
Mr. KADOYAMA Hiroaki's photoMr. KADOYAMA HiroakiLDPChiba 1st District
Mr. KAIEDA Banri's photoMr. KAIEDA BanriCDPTokyo 1st District
Mr. KAJIYAMA Hiroshi's photoMr. KAJIYAMA HiroshiLDPIbaraki 4th District
Mr. KAKIZAWA Mito's photoMr. KAKIZAWA MitoCDPTokyo Bloc
Ms. KAMEI Akiko's photoMs. KAMEI AkikoCDPChugoku Bloc
Mr. KAMEOKA Yoshitami's photoMr. KAMEOKA YoshitamiLDPTohoku Bloc
Ms. KAMIKAWA Yoko's photoMs. KAMIKAWA YokoLDPShizuoka 1st District
Mr. KAMITANI Noboru's photoMr. KAMITANI NoboruLDPKinki Bloc
Mr. KAMIYA Hiroshi's photoMr. KAMIYA HiroshiCDPHokkaido Bloc
Mr. KAMIYAMA Saichi's photoMr. KAMIYAMA SaichiLDPSaitama 7th District
Mr. KAMOSHITA Ichiro's photoMr. KAMOSHITA IchiroLDPTokyo 13th District
Mr. KAN Naoto's photoMr. KAN NaotoCDPTokyo 18th District
Mr. KANDA Kenji's photoMr. KANDA KenjiLDPTokai Bloc
Mr. KANDA Yutaka's photoMr. KANDA YutakaLDPKita Kanto Bloc
Mr. KANEDA Katsutoshi's photoMr. KANEDA KatsutoshiLDPAkita 2nd District
Ms. KANEKO Emi's photoMs. KANEKO EmiCDPFukushima 1st District
Mr. KANEKO Masuo's photoMr. KANEKO MasuoLDPKagoshima 2nd District
Mr. KANEKO Shumpei's photoMr. KANEKO ShumpeiLDPGifu 4th District
Mr. KANEKO Yasushi's photoMr. KANEKO YasushiLDPKumamoto 4th District
Mr. KANKE Ichiro's photoMr. KANKE IchiroLDPFukushima 4th District
Mr. KASAI Akira's photoMr. KASAI AkiraJCPTokyo Bloc
Ms. KATO Ayuko's photoMs. KATO AyukoLDPYamagata 3rd District
Mr. KATO Kanji's photoMr. KATO KanjiLDPNagasaki 2nd District
Mr. KATO Katsunobu's photoMr. KATO KatsunobuLDPOkayama 5th District
Mr. KATSUMATA Takaaki's photoMr. KATSUMATA TakaakiLDPTokai Bloc
Mr. KAWAMURA Takeo's photoMr. KAWAMURA TakeoLDPYamaguchi 3rd District
Mr. KAWASAKI Jiro's photoMr. KAWASAKI JiroLDPTokai Bloc
Mr. KAWAUCHI Hiroshi's photoMr. KAWAUCHI HiroshiCDPKagoshima 1st District
Mr. KIHARA Minoru's photoMr. KIHARA MinoruLDPKumamoto 1st District
Mr. KIHARA Seiji's photoMr. KIHARA SeijiLDPTokyo 20th District
Mr. KII Takashi's photoMr. KII TakashiCDPKyushu Bloc
Mr. KIKAWADA Hitoshi's photoMr. KIKAWADA HitoshiLDPSaitama 3rd District
Ms. KIKUTA Makiko's photoMs. KIKUTA MakikoCDPNiigata 4th District
Mr. KIMURA Jiro's photoMr. KIMURA JiroLDPAomori 3rd District
Mr. KIMURA Tetsuya's photoMr. KIMURA TetsuyaLDPMinami Kanto Bloc
Ms. KIMURA Yayoi's photoMs. KIMURA YayoiLDPKinki Bloc
Mr. KIRA Shuji's photoMr. KIRA ShujiCDPKyushu Bloc
Mr. KISHI Nobuo's photoMr. KISHI NobuoLDPYamaguchi 2nd District
Mr. KISHIDA Fumio's photoMr. KISHIDA FumioLDPHiroshima 1st District
Mr. KISHIMOTO Shuhei's photoMr. KISHIMOTO ShuheiDPFPWakayama 1st District
Mr. KITAGAWA Kazuo's photoMr. KITAGAWA KazuoKMOsaka 16th District
Mr. KITAMURA Seigo's photoMr. KITAMURA SeigoLDPNagasaki 4th District
Mr. KIUCHI Minoru's photoMr. KIUCHI MinoruLDPShizuoka 7th District
Mr. KOBAYASHI Fumiaki's photoMr. KOBAYASHI FumiakiLDPHiroshima 7th District
Mr. KOBAYASHI Shigeki's photoMr. KOBAYASHI ShigekiLDPNara 1st District
Mr. KOBAYASHI Takayuki's photoMr. KOBAYASHI TakayukiLDPChiba 2nd District
Mr. KOGA Atsushi's photoMr. KOGA AtsushiLDPFukuoka 3rd District
Mr. KOIZUMI Ryuji's photoMr. KOIZUMI RyujiLDPSaitama 11th District
Mr. KOIZUMI Shinjiro's photoMr. KOIZUMI ShinjiroLDPKanagawa 11th District
Mr. KOJIMA Toshifumi's photoMr. KOJIMA ToshifumiLDPChugoku Bloc
Mr. KOKUBA Konosuke's photoMr. KOKUBA KonosukeLDPKyushu Bloc
Mr. KOKUTA Keiji's photoMr. KOKUTA KeijiJCPKinki Bloc
Ms. KOMIYAMA Yasuko's photoMs. KOMIYAMA YasukoCDPKita Kanto Bloc
Mr. KOMURA Masahiro's photoMr. KOMURA MasahiroLDPYamaguchi 1st District
Mr. KONDO Kazuya's photoMr. KONDO KazuyaCDPHokuriku-Shinetsu Bloc
Mr. KONDO Shoichi's photoMr. KONDO ShoichiCDPAichi 3rd District
Mr. KONO Taro's photoMr. KONO TaroLDPKanagawa 15th District
Mr. KOTERA Hiroo's photoMr. KOTERA HirooLDPShiga 4th District
Mr. KUDO Shozo's photoMr. KUDO ShozoLDPAichi 4th District
Mr. KUMADA Hiromichi's photoMr. KUMADA HiromichiLDPAichi 1st District
Ms. KUNIMITSU Ayano's photoMs. KUNIMITSU AyanoLDPIbaraki 6th District
Mr. KUNISHIGE Toru's photoMr. KUNISHIGE ToruKMOsaka 5th District
Mr. KUROIWA Takahiro's photoMr. KUROIWA TakahiroCDPNiigata 3rd District
Mr. KUSHIDA Seiichi's photoMr. KUSHIDA SeiichiJIPMinami Kanto Bloc

List of the In-House Groups in the House

In principle, House Members' names are spelled with the Hepburn system.
District: Single-seat constituency
Bloc: Proportional representation area

In-House Group: A group of House Members who engage in joint activities within the House. Usually, a political party forms an in-House group inside the House, but occasionally there are cases where a group is formed by (1) House Members who do not belong to a particular political party, (2) a political party and a House Member or Members who do not belong to any political party, or (3) two or more political parties.

The House of Representatives
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